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Invoq Combi Oven

An old staple of any commercial kitchen, the Combi Oven is essential for serious catering establishments.

Ever more intelligent and connected, these ovens are being modernized all the time. 

Probably the most well known and used of all of these are the Rational ovens - popular, economic and reliable.  Choose Classic for a more basic oven, choose Pro for a more connected, more intelligent oven.

Convotherm are a great alternative, offering a large selection of Mini ovens, also for mobile catering.  With their disappearing doors they are excellent for tighter spaces. These are available as Steam Injection or Boiler for the more heavy duty user. Available with Digital Controls for a more basic experience or as Easy Touch for a more intuitive oven.

The new Invoq from Houno, long-term makers of Combination Ovens is high quality and sophisticated, at a good price they are a huge bargain for any chef.

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