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Air Purifier (Medi 10)

Air Purifier (Medi 10)

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The new Air Purifier Medi 10 is an efficacious air steriliser that incorporates proven Patent Pending UV-C (Ultra Violet) Sterilisation Technology. It kills or inactivates bacteria by disrupting their DNA. It has been definitively proven by the renowned research hospital of Addenbrookes, Cambridge, that the Medi 10 removes Covid and other microbial bioaerosols from the environment and helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases and viruses.

MAXVAC MEDI 10 Air purifier with UV-C Steribreeze® Technology The MEDI 10, like all our products in the Medi series, is equipped with a G2, G3, H13, Carbon and UV-C filter. It is robust and stylish at the same time and specifically designed to be placed in a corner. The MEDI 10 is easy to operate with the remote control. With its 3 positions it can be set to 50% – 70% and 100%.  It indicates when the filters need to be replaced and checks the operation of the UV-C filter. The maximum capacity of the MEDI 10 is 1300 m³ per hour and can only be operated with the remote control, making it very suitable for rooms with several people, such as hospital, ICU, waiting areas, relaxation rooms, nurseries, schools, restaurants, hotels, shops, gyms, etc.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 490 x 490 x 1050mm
Noise Level: 35-60 db(A)
Filter Type: G3 / G4-Carbon / HEPA H13 / UV-C
Power:  230 V / 280 W
Weight: 15 Kg

2 YEARS WARRANTY (not on filters & UV-C lamp)


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