…and it continues….

…and it continues….

As COVID19 continues to wreak havoc through the world, the country and society at large, as everyone has seen from the news and personal experience, the hospitality sector continues to feel the brunt end of it when it comes to closures, loss of jobs and loss of businesses. We stand strongly with all restaurants, pubs, bars cafes, event caterers and anyone else who is affected. For us here what continues to be difficult is staffing and deliveries. Strangely, there has been a steady demand in catering equipment, but the reality is that our national and international transport network has been severely affected by Covid, and now with Christmas so near delivery dates have become a little bit slippery.

We continue to aim to deliver on time, next day where necessary, but the failing of deliveries means we are doubling our paperwork on providing refunds on next day deliveries where this happens. Thankfully it’s not all the time!

We are still working on larger projects, but as you can imagine these also are stretching in strange ways – only so many people on site at any one time, furloughed staff at various companies, all contributing to deadlines being so much more prone to slipping than they ever have been.

It certainly is a strange state of affairs. We look forward to Christmas and wish everyone a happy break and maybe an opportunity to make up some lost income suffered throughout the year.

I’m sure we speak for everyone when we say we’re looking forward to life post Covid!

Oh but hang on, there’s Brexit to consider…. much equipment sold in the UK comes from abroad……oh no…

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