Local Company, Local Refit

Local Company, Local Refit

We do have a soft spot for projects in our own area. This one was in Bournville, the home of Cadbury’s chocolate. But it also happened during the #Covid19 lockdown – no need to say we were delighted not to have to complicate things by travelling a long distance to site.

The Hub at Bournville had a tired little kitchen that to be fully useful to its owners needed a refit. Unfortunately we have no before photos, but here are the after photos:


Straight in front of the door, the main sink under the main window. That floor? We put it in. New, safe and hygienic.



Yes those cupboard doors are lockable.


To the left, a bespoke little basin to catch water spillage from the boiler. We had to re-do all the eletrics too so that all the kitchen would have enough power and all the sockets placed where needed.


To the right of the main sink, the cookline. Of fixed items they only went for the induction range. Any other items will be countertop plug & play appliances.


And look at that detail in the close up – there’s nothing like a chamfer to maximise space!


As part of the same unit, 3 drawers for those pesky little items that all kitchens have too many of.


Within the same space, a little dishwash area. It’s small but it serves its purpose. Again, to make the most of the space, another chamfer!


Sometimes in a small kitchen you can’t fit in a regular double bowl sink. So here’s a one-and-a-half bowl which still provides the separation in a smaller footprint.



We’re very proud of this here project. Four weeks from start to finish.

Small kitchens are always a challenge. How do you make sure that the kitchen is functional and can cook everything your chef wants to? How can you make sure that the space adheres to Health & Safety rules and guildelines? How can you make sure that you can get the equipment and furniture into the building, down the corridor and into the room? There are always solutions to any tricky space.

We love a challenge, throw it our way!

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