Latest Installation!!

Latest Installation!!

Kitchensolutions are proud to unveil our latest installation!! We have installed the all-electric 2-tier Benham and Sons of London oven complete with remote control panel. Each oven has 3 heat settings, all controlled by the separate controller constructed in wood and metal.

OK, this wasn’t actually us – it is an oven in the kitchens at National Trust property ‘Petworth House’ on the South Downs and was probably installed sometime between 1907 and the start of the First World War – and it had remote control! Benham and Sons inc were innovators in the field of cooking and heating products and from humble beginnings on Blackfriars Road in London then to Wigmore Road, they ended up with offices in Cape Town, New York and Sydney. In 1979 they merged with one of the other greats of British catering equipment Manufacturers, ‘Stotts of Oldham’. Stotts of Oldham were also the inventors of the mercurial gas Governor (1870) which sold over 1 million units – they were finally sold to Electrolux in 1979.

Some sales people left in this industry or recently retired, will remember the in-depth training that Benham and Sons gave to Reps before they were even allowed out on the road to sell their catering equipment. They’ll remember the huge manuals they were given, on how to design a kitchen, from School kitchens up to Army camp canteens.

The point of this story is that there has always been world leading innovation in the UK within the catering equipment industry – and it is still carries on today, in our globalised market. In fact, all over the UK we are making equipment that our commercial kitchens are relying on: Merrychef’s ovens are made in Sheffield, Lincat’s Cibo ovens are made in Lincoln, all of Parry’s equipment is made in Derby.


Yes we are equipment, industry and stainless steel history nerds but the positive side is that we are fascinated by all the new and fantastic products coming to market and we are very happy to select the best equipment for you and your particular situation. We would be even happier to take you to one of our partners’ culinary innovation demo kitchens to show you state-of-the-art equipment in use.

In fact, next innovation day is 7th September in Cannock and you’re cordially invited: we will be showing off new high speed and combination ovens.

Give us a call if you would like to come along: 0121 399 0016, all welcome!

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