James goes to a Combi Maxx demo

James goes to a Combi Maxx demo

Convotherm have very proudly announced the launch of their new combination oven, the Maxx. Their tag line, as above, is “Just Right”. We have all the specificaitons on our sales page for the Maxx avilable as a 6-Grid or 10-Grid, but what is it like close up? James of Kitchen Solutions went to a demonstration of it and here we hear his feedback from the day.

“Look at that steam!”

Hi James thanks for sharing your experience. Where did you go to get the demo?
“I went to a live cook demonstration of the Maxx at the Welbilt’s premises demonstration kitchen. Welbilt are the parent company of Convotherm.”

Can anyone go to a demonstration at Welbilt’s demonstration kitchen?
No it’s invite only. However, as a distributor of Convotherm products we can take our customers there if they’re interested in the Welbilt range. As you can see from the pictures they have lots of their equipment there on display and for demonstration. They also have a full time Chef at our disposal to take us through each product.

Since not everyone would be able to travel, are there other ways to have a demonstration?
“Yes, we can do a demonstration by Microsoft Teams, or Zoom, whichever online format suits. Welbilt have a number of Chefs available for the demonstration and we can put your menu through the oven to show you how it would work in your particular case.”

So, about the Maxx. Have you used one before?
“No, this is a new product and it’s the first time I’ve been able to use one. I was looking forward to getting up close with the Maxx because being very familiar with all other combis, of all brands and sizes a new development is always interesting to me.”

What did you cook?
“We cooked all sorts of things, from pastries, croissants and pasties to vegetables, chicken, bao, everything you can see in the photos.”

“The final spread”

We can see the food looks good, but how do you think it came out?
“The food all came out absolutely perfect. I’d love to take all the credit but I did have the assistance of the Chef. The two items that stunned me were the bao, which came out exactly as it should do and the salmon. I would normally have cooked the salmon at 70°C but in the Maxx we steamed it at 38°C and it was absolutely delicious. Yes we sat down and got to taste all the food afterwards!”

What struck you as the most exciting development in this Convotherm range?
“The thing that struck me the most was the functionality, it’s so easy to use. The tray cooking function is fantastic – it tells you when to add each tray and times each so that each tray is cooked to perfection.”

Who would you recommend the Convotherm Maxx oven to?
“This oven is perfect for petrol garages, schools, larger cafes and restaurants and fast food restaurants especially those that cook a lot of chicken.”

Now the Maxx comes only in two sizes: 6-Grid and 10-Grid – would larger restaurants be better with the Maxx or a larger standard combi oven?
The great thing about having two different ovens is that you have even more versatility in the foods you want to cook, you can split them between the ovens and in quieter times you can have only one on therefore saving on energy costs. I would now recommend two Maxxs.”

Thank you James, would you like to add anything else?
“Yes, this oven is great, with simple operation cutting edge technology and the price is absolutely right.”

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