Convotherm Maxx: Live Question and Answer

Convotherm Maxx: Live Question and Answer

At Kitchen Solutions we are proud promoters of the new Convotherm Maxx Combi Oven – a brand new, streamlined combination oven that can do all the work of the traditional combis but that comes at a much lower price.

Anyone who has used one knows that these are great machines but, we do also understand how tricky it can be for an established kitchen to introduce new equipment or even change brand sometimes!

For this reason we decided to team up with Welbilt to help explain and explore the new Maxx’s features – the first thing we did was make a video that you can watch below.

Then, on 24th March we held our first ever live and direct Q & A with Welbilt’s Demo Chef Paul Patel.  Customers and potential customers were able to join us live via Microsoft Teams to ask exactly how in their particular kitchen the Maxx would work most effectively.  Paul’s expertise is huge – he was able to talk through how to proof bread in the Maxx, bake cakes, braise meat, cook from frozen, how to upload menus, how to work the cleaning cycle and much more.  The Q & A was hugely successful and we will be holding another soon.

Watch this space and contact us if you want to take part in the next one!

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