Stainless Steel Shining in Easter Week


Stainless Steel Shining in Easter Week

For those who are not familiar with Catholic churches what you see here below are called “Stations of the Cross”.  They represent the journey Jesus took carrying the cross to mount Golgotha after being tried and sentenced to death by crucifixion.  This is the story that forms the core of Easter week and the celebration of Christ’s resurrection.  Visual representations of Jesus’ life have a long tradition within Christianity and will be found in many churches around the world.

These pictoral representations here were made in Ireland in 1894 and brought over to the original St Catherine’s Church, one of the first Roman Catholic Churches in Birmingham.  Originally set into the walls at the back of the church they needed to move as part of some exciting alterations to the main church space.

To make sure they would last into the distant future we made new frames out of stainless steel for the church.  Yes they are very heavy but they do look great and will definitely last for many many years!

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