Frequently Asked Questions

Your additional upstand to one side doesn't have to run all the way along the depth of the unit. If the wall that your unit sits against runs short, ask us to make you a partial upstand. It looks and works much better, here's an example below:

It is possible to return an item if you have purchased it by accident or have ordered the wrong type of unit. The unit would need to be completely unused and in its original packaging. You would have to pay for shipping it back and there is normally a re-stocking fee chargeable to you. The fee varies depending on the item, so If you are sure you want to send the item back please call us to arrange.

The simple answer is yes.  We can weld in any sized/shaped hand wash basin into any sized/shaped table. Tell us which you want, where you want it and we'll weld it in.  Let us know as well if you want one or two holes for the taps.  Some people like a mixer tap on their hand wash basins!
While it is durable, stainless does scratch and can dent.  Be careful with knives and knocking it with heavy objects.  It also corrodes, so you have to mind what chemicals you use when cleaning. Our blog has a full entry on how to clean your stainless steel furniture without damaging it.
On Centre Tables the underframe, therefore the legs, are inset to sides, front and rear by 50mm. On Wall Benches the underframe, therefore the legs, are inset to all sides by 50mm but by 100mm to rear, to allow for pipes. You can see a diagram on our blog entry specifications of our stainless steel tables.
Cut-Out to Rear A cut-out to the rear of the table can be made if you have pipes or cables running down your wall.  The cut-out can be of any size and at any point along the rear of the unit.  The upstand now goes around the obstruction, allowing the table to push right against the wall.

We certainly do!  Next delivery is available on equipment only.  The price varies because it depends on the weight of the unit being ordered. Call us or email us and we will let you know how much it costs for the unit/s you are after.

Yes we do, but as we have to cross the sea there is an additional charge. Please contact us so we can provide you with a quote for the item/s you are after.

If you are looking for a specific item that is not listed on the website, it's possible that we just haven't uploaded it to the site yet. Call or email us to get a quote on any piece of equipment, whether it's on the website or not.

The best way to keep your stainless looking clean and shiny is to wipe it with warm water & soap, and to avoid corrosive materials and rough cloths. But Rob explains it bets on our blog, click here to read his entry.