Ventilation by Kitchen Solutions

Ventilation by Kitchen Solutions

As commercial kitchen designers and installers we often have to provide adequate ventilation as part of supplying a fully working kitchen.  Here below are some examples of systems we have supplied and installed.

King Edwards School Aston:

We were approached by the school’s architects to design a ventilation system for the new kitchen.  The system had a ductwork run of over 25 metres rising through a vertical service void to terminate on the roof.  The extract was via an MUB/T 062 560 d4 fan with 2 1200mm melinex lined silencers.  The ductwork was fire rated and we installed fire dampers where the ductwork went through fire walls.  A fire suppression system was added over the fryers and the 6-burner range which was connected back to the BMS panel and the fire alarm system.  Supply ductwork was tempered via an electric 30kw 2 step heater battery and came into the kitchen via 4 x diffusers in the kitchen ceiling.


Indian Restaurant Stoke:

For this restaurant we ended up with the air makeup coming in at low level via a weather louvre with a motorised damper actuator.  On the front of the canopy we had 4 x single deflection grilles with G4 filterpads on the rear.  The extract header duct sat above the canopy and the ductwork discharged vertically up the side of the building with the fan at low level for engineer access and the silencer above.  As you can see we provide full drawings with 3D visualisations both inside and outside the premises.

Chain restaurant Cambridge:

This wall canopy with air make up through the front fascia had all the Plant (ventilation and silencers) on the flat roof above.  Due to the size of the canopy we got the builder to put 4 x kerbed upstand holes in the roof so we ended up with 2 x extraction take off points and 2 x air makeup points bringing air in.


Yardley Baptist Church:

Yardley Baptist Church, a modern church building completed in the mid 1960s required a new semi-commercial kitchen to cater for their weekly lunch clubs.  With just a Convotherm combi oven and a 6-burner cooker to extract we were able to use 350mm rectangular ductwork with an internal fan pack with the ductwork going up the rear of the building to the eaves.


St John and St Martins Church

We were approached by our client to design and install a kitchen ventilation system in an existing kitchen in inner-city Birmingham.  It had to adhere the specific council requirements:

  • Odour control
  • Noise control (5db less than normal sound from closest dwelling)
  • 10-15 m/s efflux velocity

On the extract side of the system we manufactured a carbon filtration system with pre-filter to eliminate odours and reduce the size of the discharge stack to increase efflux velocity to 12 m/s to help accelerate the odour up and away into the atmosphere. The extract fan was also fitted with attenuators on both inlet and outlet side, to decrease noise once again.

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