Frima Variopan (VCC112+)

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In near perfect condition, this machine can replace a lot of equiment in a busy kitchen.

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The Frima delivers two 14 litre cooking sections which can boil, roast, fry and blanch anything on the menu.  It condenses all the most popular equipment into one single piece, saving up to 30% space.  Plus, this model comes with a pressure cooking mode for further versatility.

Perfect for kitchens with high volume turnover.  With VarioCooking Control to continuously monitor progress and notify when foods need turning or deglazing or even signalling when they are ready, chefs can turn their attention to other areas of the kitchen, maximising time efficiency without any detrimental effect on high quality.  Couple this with the ability to operate overnight without supervision, the VarioCooking Center proves an obvious advantage in any business.

The self cooking station also boasts VarioBoost to achieve and maintain precision temperatures, a VarioDose automatic water filling system and an AutoLift mechanism which removes baskets from boiling or frying the moment the desired finish has been accomplished leading to this equipment quickly becoming a popular and integral piece to kitchen success.


  • Dynamic model available which operates at significantly lower wattage with only minimal impact on performance.
  • The 112+ offers pressure cooking mode for simultaneous cooking solutions.
  • Additional Vitro Ceran option available consisting of a single ring ceramic hob which sits above the display panel; perfect for warming sauces etc.
  • Combines all main cooking functions into one piece of equipment saving up to 30% space in your kitchen.
  • Integrated cooking intelligence monitors cooking progress for you; no supervision required, perfect for slow, overnight cooking.
  • Advanced technology alerts you when it needs you e.g. to turn foods or deglaze or simply when perfection has been reached.
  • Tailors cooking to the size of the ingredients, the amount and the desired results.
  • A la carte view for cooking individual portions.
  • Temperature range: 30°C – 250°C.


  • VarioCooking Control monitors cooking processes, adapting when necessary to guarantee the desired finish.
  • Uses a VarioBoost heating system to maintain optimum temperature, power and speed of heat up, achieving 200°C in approximately 2 minutes.
  • Programming mode, has 350 memory slots for programmes or individual processes.
  • Clear, easy to use colour TFT touchscreen display with central dial.
  • Simple on/off switch.
  • Built-in manual and operating instructions.
  • Warning indicator to signal hot oil etc.


  • AutoLift mechanism raises and lowers baskets automatically during boiling or deep-frying.
  • Features a VarioDose water inlet to automatically fill the cooking chamber with precision quantities.
  • Unheated side walls prevent foods from burning and sticking.
  • Supplied with a magnetic 6 point core temperature probe which auto-corrects any insertion errors and is easy to store.
  • Integrated water shower makes thorough cleaning possible in minutes; ideal between uses to eradicate cross flavouring during constant use.
  • Integrated water drain eliminates the need for a floor drain and avoids potentially slippery floors.
  • USB port allows export of HACCP data.
  • Features safety temperature limiter.
  • Offers a digital timer, 0-24 hours with permanent setting.


  • External unit dimensions: 1100 x 1224 x 777mm (H x W x D).
  • Power with Vitro Ceran: Standard – 19 kW, 40 A / Dynamic – 15 kW, 32 A, 400 V, 3 phase (hardwired).
  • Water inlet: R3/4″.
  • Water outlet: DN 40mm.
  • Pan edge height: 900mm.
  • Weight 112: 168 kg.
  • Weight 112+: 186kg.


  • Chips – 12 kg per pan/hr.
  • Omelette – 80 portions per pan/hr.
  • Hamburgers – 60 units per pan/hr.
  • Rice (dried) – 3 kg per batch/hr.
  • Tagliatelle (dried) – 6 kg per pan/hr.
  • Pudding – 10 litres per batch/hr.
  • Deep fry frozen fish fingers – 400 units per pan/hr.
  • Cured pork – 5 kg per pan.


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