Pura Vacuum with integrated UV-C

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Powerful sanitizing hoover for picking up pathogens that escape air filters and deposit on the floor.

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You may have removed all the pathogens from the air but the MAXVAC Pura hoover uses a unique filtering system to ensure they are also removed from the floor.

Composed of a fiber bag, a HEPA filter cartridge and a UV-C lamp and many accessories, it guzzles up dust and dirt even in the most inaccessible of corners.

The lightweight, ergonomic telescopic tube (with adjustable height) comes complete with integrated hooks for easy storage of the power cord.

100% Made in Italy


Electronic suction power variator
Dry use only
Approx. 4 litre capacity bag with a filter surface of approx. 5000 cm2 (bag + cartridge)
Patented easy drive trolley with swivel castors
Impact resistant frame (made of selected top-quality materials)
Rubber seals for guaranteed sealing against air leaks
Soft rubber bumpers
Built in UV-C sanitizing lamp
Hook for easy storing the combination brush
High-efficiency motor (MAX 21 kPa)
Easy, simple bag replacement
Includes brush with microfiber cloth for wood floors
Comes with 6m long chord


Dimensions (WxDxH):  350 x 360 x 430mm
Power:   230 V / 1.1 kW
UV-C Lamp:  9 w
Weight: 8.5 Kg


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