Merrychef Special Offer July 2021

Prices go up 5% on August 1st so let’s keep it simple! Order a Merrychef Eikon E1S, E2S, or E2S HP now at our already cheapest on the web prices, add the code MERRYCHEF5 at checkout, and the price will come down by 5%

If that is not enough to whet your appetite we will also give you our Gold Customer Support for the duration of your oven’s life. Usually reserved for our large national account customers, Kitchen Solutions will give you:

  1. Initial on-site chef training with a chef from the Culinary Team at Merrychef

  2. Ongoing menu development support from the Culinary Team via e-mail and phone (your oven has a USB port so we can develop menus with you to upload straight on to your machine)

  3. Lifetime support even after the machine is out of warranty on any technical issues

Merrychef Training and Support

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