The best way to keep your stainless looking clean and shiny is to wipe it with warm water & soap, and to avoid corrosive materials and rough cloths. But Rob explains it bets on our blog, click here to read his entry.

It doesn't happen often, but if your unit or piece of equipment has arrived and you think it's damaged you need to contact us immediately. Please take some photos of the damage and the packaging it came in and email them to sales@kitchensolutions.co.uk. We will assess the photos and get back to you asap.

Your additional upstand to one side doesn't have to run all the way along the depth of the unit. If the wall that your unit sits against runs short, ask us to make you a partial upstand. It looks and works much better, here's an example below:

Tile Return

A wall bench has an upstand, the upstand has a tile return.  The tile return allows the upstand of the wall bench to sit 20mm from the wall.  This literally allows you to place your kitchen tiles on the top so that the tiles are sitting on top of the 'tile return' at the back of the upstand.


When you have a sink in a stainless steel top the area immediately around the sink bowl is recessed to prevent water from splashing out of the bowl. 

On bespoke units you can choose not to have this.

Cut-Out to Rear A cut-out to the rear of the table can be made if you have pipes or cables running down your wall.  The cut-out can be of any size and at any point along the rear of the unit.  The upstand now goes around the obstruction, allowing the table to push right against the wall.
One of the differences between a Centre Table and a Wall Bench is the Upstand.  The upstand is like a lip or a small splashback along the rear edge of the table that stops any liquids dripping down the back of your table and therefore down the wall. As well as to the rear, we can add upstands to the left, right and front of the table, or even to all edges if that's what you need.
If there is a column in the corner of your room or boxed-out pipes & cables then your table probably wants a corner cut-out.  The table and the upstand now go around these, allowing your table to sit flush against the wall regardless.
While it is durable, stainless does scratch and can dent.  Be careful with knives and knocking it with heavy objects.  It also corrodes, so you have to mind what chemicals you use when cleaning. Our blog has a full entry on how to clean your stainless steel furniture without damaging it.
The simple answer is yes.  We can weld in any sized/shaped hand wash basin into any sized/shaped table. Tell us which you want, where you want it and we'll weld it in.  Let us know as well if you want one or two holes for the taps.  Some people like a mixer tap on their hand wash basins!