Professional in-house ventilation

Full design and installation service

Design and installation of ventilation

Kitchen Solutions are able to offer a complete range of ventilation solutions. We can offer an off the shelf solution with standard size canopies where you chose an internal or external fan pack then arrange the fitting and ductwork yourself. We can supply fans on their own as a replacement for a broken or underperforming unit or new efficient micron filters that collect 94% grease before it gets into your ductwork and becomes an expensive cleaning problem.

What we would really like to do is to design your system from scratch. This involves coming to site and taking a brief on what equipment you are going to be using, the style of cooking and the route the ductwork is going to take. From this we can calculate fan sizes and ductwork sizes producing drawings like the ones you can see below.

Full service and planning

We can carry out odour risk assessments for submittal to the planning authorities and if there is going to be a problem we can allow for ozone filtration.

Basically whatever your situation we have the expertise to create a cost efficient solution for you. If you want your system to be on demand we can fit detectors that sense when there is more cooking activity and ramp up the fans. If you are cooking over wood or charcoal we can add co2 monitors and spark arrestors to your system

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