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Mansfield Pollard

UV Ceiling Jet

UV Ceiling Jet

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The UV Ceiling Jet fits within the space of one ceiling tile and works quietly in the background to tackle airborne viruses and bacteria.  It is discreet, quiet and effective giving you peace of mind in enclosed spaces. With a remote control ‘high-pulse’ facility which allows you to do a ‘quick purge’ of the room.  It is fully tested by the Universities of Leeds and Bradford.

The UVent Ceiling Jet by Mansfield Pollard is sized to exactly replace a single ceiling tile while quietly sterilising variable air volumes to suit the specific room it is placed in. It is compact and provides non-obstructive air distribution suitable for a wide range of applications, including both commercial and medical environments.

It has been independently tested, with a kill rate of up to 99%. The UVent Ceiling Jet is proven to remove airborne bacteria and viruses through ultra-violet germicidal irridation with measurable performance and guaranteed results.

Latest air handling technology and unique design to maximise sterilisation volumes and dissipate air throughout the entire room including areas of high biological concentration
Sized to replace a single standard ceiling tile
Specialist acoustic lining to ensure ultra-quiet operation
Remote operation including switch for ‘high pulse’ operation for immediate room purging
Integrated energy controller to provide variable speed operation at designated times to suit particular room environment
Fully tested with available test results: Download here

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