Merrychef ConneX

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The new talent for your kitchen
Compact, versatile, efficient

The new Merrychef ConneX is the most exciting thing we at Kitchen Solutions have seen come to market in a long time. We already sell loads of Merrychef ovens into bars, cafes coffee shops and quick service establishments for the reason that cooking times are up to 20x faster than conventional cooking methods with perfect results and no need for ventilation (built-in catalytic converter).

The new Merrychef ConneX oven moves this star of the kitchen onto the next level. We have spent time playing with it, making videos of us with Merrychef senior culinary chef Paul Connell and we think it is amazing.

  • Toasted sandwich 45 seconds
  • Samosa 40 seconds
  • Breakfast roll 50 seconds
  • Fresh salmon with spring vegetables 1 min 45 seconds

Available now for immediate dispatch

Some of the best features we like

  • Fully connected. Comes out of the box scan a QR code on your phone and you are connected to the Merrychef kitchen connect platform. From here you can download menus to your machine, check service history and do diagnostics
  • The machine will not let you come out of the cleaning cycle until every stage has been completed. i.e. staff must properly clean the oven every day
  • 7 inch HD touch screen and new generation easytouch 2.0 icon driven controller
  • ConneX 16- biggest cavity on the market- Pepperoni 16” pizza from chilled in 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Cooking up to 20x faster than other cooking methods. It can provide hot food on demand
  • Over 100 delicious recipes pre-programmed by a global team of chefs. Simply select your menu press and go

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