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We are Exclusive Distributors of the Handmade Fogarty Oven!!

February 16, 2018 No comments

What can we say about the Fogarty oven - lovingly renamed the beast! Not only is the capacity bigger, the build quality better and temperature control more accurate, it comes in at a cheaper price point than the competition. Having seen plenty of charcoal ovens and have taken clients for demonstrations with some of the biggest names in the category, we have definitely settled on the Fogarty being our favourite. It is made in Staffordshire with all materials sourced in the UK, doesn’t need a gas or electricity connection and can operate under most extraction canopies or outdoors.

And it’s not just us - one of our award winning chef clients took trial of this new oven late last year on what was supposed to be a two week trial. Now he will not give it back!

See Brad Carter explain how he uses it:

Such is our local Michelin Starred Chef’s enthusiasm we have taken on the distribution role for the manufacturer and have rearranged our warehouse to have a demonstration model here. Do not believe our hype, come and see it for yourself.