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HOW TO... Clean your Stainless Steel Furniture

February 9, 2018 No comments

Our most FAQ is “How to clean my Stainless Steel table/sink?” so here is the simplest answer we can give you:

1- Use a standard washing up liquid with hot water, not scolding, obviously

2- Use a standard sponge scourer (the green & yellow one will do)

3- Wipe the stainless with a soapy wet scourer (scourer side down) and go with the grain of the Steel (on most table tops and drainers this is left-to-right / legs are up-and-down)

4- Wipe down with hot wet cloth (not soapy)

5- Wipe with dry cloth

6- That’s it really, you are done

If you have a stubborn stain then repeat step 4.

REMEMBER Stainless Steel does scratch and this is normal. Also you may find that in sink bowls, especially in coffee or tea rooms/shops, your sink sometimes goes brown or has brown spots. This is due to the tanning in tea/coffee.

There are also a few things that are out there on the web that suggest you do this and do that. Please, if this is in your house, fine, do whatever you want with baby oil or anything else. However in a commercial premises this is not advisable. By the way, vinegar just doesn't work it’s just a waste of vinegar!

Avoid at all costs these chemicals listed below, as they simply eat Stainless Steel:

CI = Chlorides – can be found in bleach, disinfectants, brines, salt and some cleaning solutions. Long term contact with dishwashing detergents can also be damaging as they sometimes have Chlorides in.

Hydrochloric Acids – can be found in toilet cleaners or drain unblocking solutions

H2SO4 = Sulphuric Acids – can be found in toilet cleaners or drain unblocking solutions