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Teaser: Equipment testing at Middleby Headquarters

June 21, 2018 No comments

As distributors of Middleby products we decided to put their equipment to the test. We sent James to the Middleby Factory Headquarters in Warrington to put their newest equipment to the test - he started with the Hounö's Combi Oven, where he cooked up some pastries at the same time as roasting some veg. He then moved on to trying the Perfect Fryer for quick turn-around deep fried items. He then moved on to the Turbochef Sota i1 ideal for on-the-fly cooking. James tried a pie, came out perfect. But what got him really excited was the Turbochef Fire Pizza Oven, makes a perfect pizza in under two minutes!

We have put a little teaser together for you but there will be more to come: