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What is a Combi-Oven?!

January 15, 2019 No comments

They arrived to the Professional cookery scene in the late 1970s but still many chefs are not familiar with them. They are perceived as expensive and quite different from more traditional ovens. So what is so special about combination ovens?

The basic difference between cooking with a conventional oven and a combination oven is humidity. The unique feature however, is their flexibility and their ability to control humidity levels.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Some foods want to be steamed – vegetables, rice – sometimes you just want to steam them and to do so you can use a steamer. But the combi oven can also do this.

Some foods want dry heat – imagine a pizza in a wood fired oven. That is dry heat, which is replicated by conventional fan assisted ovens. The combi oven can do this too.

However, sometimes, a dry heat can literally dry out the food you’re trying to cook and the steam, while fast, can make food soggy. So, you might want a combination of dry and humid heat: remember how chefs used to place a pan of water under their bread to keep the oven humid during the cooking process?

Well, the combi oven is a specialist at this. With a combi oven you can control the levels of humidity to exactly the levels required for every dish, to give your entire menu a perfect finish.

In short, the beautiful thing about having a combi oven is that you don’t need any other oven.It can cook dry, humid or a perfect combination of the two.

Combination Ovens can be fuelled by electricity or gas, can be table top or roll-in, with ordinary pull-out doors or disappearing doors, traditional or pass-through. Also available in slim or mini version.

New Kitchen: Grangewood Garden Centre

December 14, 2018 No comments

One of the privileges of this kind of work is that we’re often first to find out about brand new restaurants and cafes around the place. And, sure enough, here’s another one well worth knowing about, for when you find yourself in the Tamworth area – in fact, it’s very near to @Draytonmanor Park.

Grangewood Garden Centre approached us back in the summer. Behind their Garden Centre they had a large greenhouse they were developing into a restaurant. When we got there to assess the site we were surprised to see it was actually just a greenhouse, although, already in place, was the seating area built from reclaimed wood. What a good idea!

The Forest Restaurant was scheduled to open in December, and a few meetings later and plenty of work, their new kitchen is ready to go for their first Christmas season. Good luck Grangewood!

Here below are secret shots of the kitchen waiting for chefs and ingredients before they opened– can’t wait to come and sample the menu!

Teaser: Equipment testing at Middleby Headquarters

June 21, 2018 No comments

As distributors of Middleby products we decided to put their equipment to the test. We sent James to the Middleby Factory Headquarters in Warrington to put their newest equipment to the test - he started with the Hounö's Combi Oven, where he cooked up some pastries at the same time as roasting some veg. He then moved on to trying the Perfect Fryer for quick turn-around deep fried items. He then moved on to the Turbochef Sota i1 ideal for on-the-fly cooking. James tried a pie, came out perfect. But what got him really excited was the Turbochef Fire Pizza Oven, makes a perfect pizza in under two minutes!

We have put a little teaser together for you but there will be more to come:

Michelin-starred chef chooses Kitchen Solutions

July 14, 2017 No comments

Brad Carter of Carters of Moseley (Michelin-starred chef and Waitrose Restaurant of the Year 2015) has recently upgraded his HOUNÖ combination ovens from the original specification Kitchen Solutions supplied when we designed and installed his kitchens 8 years ago. He now has the latest Android touch-screen technology ovens with a host of unique features and functions. These ovens are the leading brand for professional chefs across Scandinavia and their ovens are used in both Noma restaurants (2 Michelin-star) in Denmark, winner of World's 50 Best Restaurant for four out of the last six years.

The HOUNÖ combi ovens which we specified for the Carters kitchen are available to everyone of course - but we can't guarantee that they'll lead to a Michelin star!

HOUNÖ C1.10 / CPE 1.10 Electric/Gas Combi Oven

HOUNÖ C1.06 / CPE 1.06 Electric/Gas Combi Oven

Brad says the ovens are the “star of his kitchen” and with a host of unique features it is easy to see why:

  • 4 year full warranty with a yearly service included as standard
  • Excellent cooking results every time with fully adjustable humidity control and fan speeds
  • Up to 200 programmes with 10 process steps
  • Self-cleaning from a mini clean to a detail clean
  • Allows the chef ultimate control with a choice of operation methods
  • Combi Net for monitoring and remote access to manage recipes, HACCP, service diagnosis and software updating (all available as options)

Carters of Moseley

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