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New Primary School, New Kitchen

February 21, 2019 No comments

Washwood Heath Primary Academy expanded, and for that they asked us for a new kitchen.

Now, a pupil going to collect their lunch will see this shiny new servery:

What about the other side, what does the kitchen staff see? Let's take a peek behind the servery:

To the left of the servery, an easy access prep sink:

Standing back from the kitchen you can see all the new equipment:

And plenty of refrigeration:

Round the back, a neat little washing area:

And storage for all those tins of baked beans!

A project designed, manufactured and installed by Kitchen Solutions Ltd

Case Study: Yardley Baptist Church

April 13, 2018 No comments

We’ve worked for Yardley Baptist Church for the last 10 years supplying various bits for their kitchens as they run a very popular lunch club. Recently they came to us and said they wanted a complete new kitchen facility; they wanted to remove the old domestic kitchen and for us to design a completely new commercial kitchen for them.

In preparation for this we arranged for them to go to Worlverhampton University for a training day with a chef on Combination Ovens. We felt this would be ideal for their needs but needed to show them what modern combi ovens can do as none of their kitchen staff had any experience of using one.

After their training they agreed that yes, a combi oven would be ideal for their needs, so we went ahead and in consultation with the catering committee we designed a brand new kitchen for them.

Eventually we came up with a design that they were all happy with.

On design approval we began work. We put in a new non-slip altro floor, hygienic white rock wall cladding, a new canopy and all brand new equipment: bespoke stainless steel cupboards, tables & sinks to Convotherm Combination Oven, Lincat 6 Burner, Foster Refrigeration, Hood-type dishwasher, Instanta water boiler, Parry hot cupboards and other smaller equipment.

After we finished the kitchen we sent a chef back in from Convotherm to give them some further training on the oven in their own kitchen.

Imagine an old, tired domestic kitchen. This is what it looked like after we finished!