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HOW TO... Choose your Stainless Steel Furniture

November 20, 2018 No comments

The first thing you need to consider when buying a Stainless Steel Table or a Stainless Steel Sink is budget: we all have budgets to keep to as in every business but as our mothers always told us "if you buy cheap then you get cheap in return...!"

Next you need to consider the space you’re filling and how it is going to work. This includes what your new item is going to be used for: is it going to do all that is required?

Measure the space in millimetres (convert from inches if necessary) as most fabricators work in this measurement. Measure any pipework or obstacles that may impede your idea as most of these can be overcome with some imagination. PLEASE MEASURE ACCESS! Your door is only ONE size - we have had many deliveries where we have made items perfectly, only to find you can’t get them in the building...

There are standard sizes for all Stainless Steel Tables/Sinks and if no modification is required you can get these in flatpack or fully welded, standard height is 900mm. However if you require an odd size, additional upstands, a void for a dishwasher to sit underneath or maybe a cut-out for a column or cable then this is not a problem but these cannot be flatpack and will have to be fully welded Tables/Sinks. You will have to send us a drawing/photo or draw us a sketch with your mouse!

Flatpack Sinks and Tables are a good choice if you have tight budget restraints or you have access issues. We have tried many different manufacturers over the years and we believe we now have one of the best flatpack ranges that we have ever had - they are simple to erect (about 10-20 minutes, best with 2 people), and are also the most stable construction that we have ever stocked.

Fully Welded Sinks and Tables are obviously the best choice as these can be any size and shape required (tooling allowing). Also they are more durable and will last longer than any flatpack table or sink. OK they do cost more, but remember you get what you pay for, and in the long run are well worth the little extra you pay. We normally deliver Fully Welded Sinks and Tables within 10 working days from order, but lead times can vary so do call us if you're on a tight timescale.

Now, there are two types of Stainless Steel Tables. There is a Centre Table which can be used from all 4 sides - it normally sits in the middle of the room and is used either for prep work or opposite the cooking suite as a layoff table for plating up on. The other type is a Wall Bench - this one has an upstand to the rear and sits up against the wall - you can bring tiles neatly all the way down to the upstand (standard 50mm high). If required, Wall Benches can also have a sink welded into them - they then transform into 'prep sinks' used for washing salad etc.

And there are two types of Stainless Steel Sinks; there is a Single Bowl Sink with one bowl positioned left, right or centre, with a drainer(s) and tap hole(s) in any position you require. The other is a Double Bowl Sink, with two also positioned left, right or in the centre drainer(s) and tap hole(s) in any position you require. All these units come with a standard 500x400x300mm bowl but we have several bowl sizes which are available on request (only available in fully welded).

All Sinks and Tables come on adjustable height feet which you can also screw into the floor, but castors (wheels) also available on request.

HOW TO... Clean your Stainless Steel Furniture

February 9, 2018 No comments

Our most FAQ is “How to clean my Stainless Steel table/sink?” so here is the simplest answer we can give you:

1- Use a standard washing up liquid with hot water, not scolding, obviously

2- Use a standard sponge scourer (the green & yellow one will do)

3- Wipe the stainless with a soapy wet scourer (scourer side down) and go with the grain of the Steel (on most table tops and drainers this is left-to-right / legs are up-and-down)

4- Wipe down with hot wet cloth (not soapy)

5- Wipe with dry cloth

6- That’s it really, you are done

If you have a stubborn stain then repeat step 4.

REMEMBER Stainless Steel does scratch and this is normal. Also you may find that in sink bowls, especially in coffee or tea rooms/shops, your sink sometimes goes brown or has brown spots. This is due to the tanning in tea/coffee.

There are also a few things that are out there on the web that suggest you do this and do that. Please, if this is in your house, fine, do whatever you want with baby oil or anything else. However in a commercial premises this is not advisable. By the way, vinegar just doesn't work it’s just a waste of vinegar!

Avoid at all costs these chemicals listed below, as they simply eat Stainless Steel:

CI = Chlorides – can be found in bleach, disinfectants, brines, salt and some cleaning solutions. Long term contact with dishwashing detergents can also be damaging as they sometimes have Chlorides in.

Hydrochloric Acids – can be found in toilet cleaners or drain unblocking solutions

H2SO4 = Sulphuric Acids – can be found in toilet cleaners or drain unblocking solutions