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Teaser: Equipment testing at Middleby Headquarters

June 21, 2018 No comments

As distributors of Middleby products we decided to put their equipment to the test. We sent James to the Middleby Factory Headquarters in Warrington to put their newest equipment to the test - he started with the Hounö's Combi Oven, where he cooked up some pastries at the same time as roasting some veg. He then moved on to trying the Perfect Fryer for quick turn-around deep fried items. He then moved on to the Turbochef Sota i1 ideal for on-the-fly cooking. James tried a pie, came out perfect. But what got him really excited was the Turbochef Fire Pizza Oven, makes a perfect pizza in under two minutes!

We have put a little teaser together for you but there will be more to come:

Case Study: Yardley Baptist Church

April 13, 2018 No comments

We’ve worked for Yardley Baptist Church for the last 10 years supplying various bits for their kitchens as they run a very popular lunch club. Recently they came to us and said they wanted a complete new kitchen facility; they wanted to remove the old domestic kitchen and for us to design a completely new commercial kitchen for them.

In preparation for this we arranged for them to go to Worlverhampton University for a training day with a chef on Combination Ovens. We felt this would be ideal for their needs but needed to show them what modern combi ovens can do as none of their kitchen staff had any experience of using one.

After their training they agreed that yes, a combi oven would be ideal for their needs, so we went ahead and in consultation with the catering committee we designed a brand new kitchen for them.

Eventually we came up with a design that they were all happy with.

On design approval we began work. We put in a new non-slip altro floor, hygienic white rock wall cladding, a new canopy and all brand new equipment: bespoke stainless steel cupboards, tables & sinks to Convotherm Combination Oven, Lincat 6 Burner, Foster Refrigeration, Hood-type dishwasher, Instanta water boiler, Parry hot cupboards and other smaller equipment.

After we finished the kitchen we sent a chef back in from Convotherm to give them some further training on the oven in their own kitchen.

Imagine an old, tired domestic kitchen. This is what it looked like after we finished!

Magic Rock Brewery: Company Day Out

March 8, 2018 No comments

Back in January, having supplied Magic Rock with some Bespoke Stainless Steel Fabrications we thought we would take a visit to Magic Rock Brewing up North in Huddersfield on 26th. As massive fans of their various ales and porters it was a no brainer and maybe a little bit of an excuse to have a few beers.

We were a little taken aback as we arrived to their purpose built Large Tap Room with a huge outside space and beautiful Tap room inside with poseur tables and bar stools, which is a massive difference to our favourite Tap room here in Birmingham at Cotteridge Wines.

As we approached the bar being catering equipment suppliers we were all looking at their kit behind the scenes, like we were on a busman’s holiday and sitting there nestling under the glasses was a couple of our Bespoke Stainless Steel Tables.

And, hiding in the corners were our Flatpack Stainless Steel Sinks and Halcyon ICE35 Ice Machine

It did take us by surprise that one of the Bespoke tables was being used as a DJ booth!

We also had the privilege to be given a guided tour behind the scenes into where the fermenting vessels and bottling plant is, which had some weird and wonderful machinery which is where the Magic in Magic Rock happens, also with a few Bespoke Stainless Steel Tables made by yours truly.

After a few beverages we left this truly magical place.

We are Exclusive Distributors of the Handmade Fogarty Oven!!

February 16, 2018 No comments

What can we say about the Fogarty oven - lovingly renamed the beast! Not only is the capacity bigger, the build quality better and temperature control more accurate, it comes in at a cheaper price point than the competition. Having seen plenty of charcoal ovens and have taken clients for demonstrations with some of the biggest names in the category, we have definitely settled on the Fogarty being our favourite. It is made in Staffordshire with all materials sourced in the UK, doesn’t need a gas or electricity connection and can operate under most extraction canopies or outdoors.

And it’s not just us - one of our award winning chef clients took trial of this new oven late last year on what was supposed to be a two week trial. Now he will not give it back!

See Brad Carter explain how he uses it:

Such is our local Michelin Starred Chef’s enthusiasm we have taken on the distribution role for the manufacturer and have rearranged our warehouse to have a demonstration model here. Do not believe our hype, come and see it for yourself.

HOW TO... Clean your Stainless Steel Furniture

February 9, 2018 No comments

Our most FAQ is “How to clean my Stainless Steel table/sink?” so here is the simplest answer we can give you:

1- Use a standard washing up liquid with hot water, not scolding, obviously

2- Use a standard sponge scourer (the green & yellow one will do)

3- Wipe the stainless with a soapy wet scourer (scourer side down) and go with the grain of the Steel (on most table tops and drainers this is left-to-right / legs are up-and-down)

4- Wipe down with hot wet cloth (not soapy)

5- Wipe with dry cloth

6- That’s it really, you are done

If you have a stubborn stain then repeat step 4.

REMEMBER Stainless Steel does scratch and this is normal. Also you may find that in sink bowls, especially in coffee or tea rooms/shops, your sink sometimes goes brown or has brown spots. This is due to the tanning in tea/coffee.

There are also a few things that are out there on the web that suggest you do this and do that. Please, if this is in your house, fine, do whatever you want with baby oil or anything else. However in a commercial premises this is not advisable. By the way, vinegar just doesn't work it’s just a waste of vinegar!

Avoid at all costs these chemicals listed below, as they simply eat Stainless Steel:

CI = Chlorides – can be found in bleach, disinfectants, brines, salt and some cleaning solutions. Long term contact with dishwashing detergents can also be damaging as they sometimes have Chlorides in.

Hydrochloric Acids – can be found in toilet cleaners or drain unblocking solutions

H2SO4 = Sulphuric Acids – can be found in toilet cleaners or drain unblocking solutions

Concept to Completion Development Kitchen for Birmingham Cityserve

February 2, 2018 No comments

In March this year, Cityserve's Development kitchen will be celebrating being fully operational for two years.

Cityserve wanted a demo kitchen that would be welcoming to groups of children to cook, learn and taste healthy nutritious food. The City Kitchen is also the training theatre for many of the city's school cooks. As you can see from the timelapse below, we did a complete design and fit-out, helping them to choose their equipment carefully as space was tight.

To optimize a small space to deliver so much, City Kitchen was fitted with

City Kitchen has been a huge success, and they now boast they feed "...over 70,000 children within a 90 minute window every school day, and we buy around £12m worth of food every year!"

New Kitchen for Not Dogs Bullring fitted by Kitchen Solutions

November 28, 2017 No comments

Kitchen Solutions have installed a new kitchen for Not Dogs in the prestigious Bull Ring in Central Birmingham. The brief was complicated as Not Dogs wanted to produce a high output menu of vegetarian hotdogs etc on a limited footprint of production space.

Together we decided to install Lincat Silverlink Bain Maries BM4B and BM6CW for hot holding and Lincat CS6 for holding fries. For holding sauces we installed Lincat IH21 induction hobs for sauces and onions. To save space we installed Foster Slimline fridges and freezers.

The trickiest task was sourcing a piece of equipment to toast off buns, cook the specialist vegetarian sausages and finish the various sides of wedges etc. After much thought we decided on the Merrychef E2SHP TREND as a space saving option that would grill, bake, toast, and regenerate at high speed. We arranged for the Not Dogs team to go along to a Merrychef test kitchen and arranged for a chef from the Welbilt group ( Merrychef's owners) to cook their menu with them and see if the oven would be suitable. The test went well and we ordered the 3 phase machine.

The site is now open and the Not Dogs crew is delighted! They are able to produce the menu to the same high finish standard every time, not get held back during busy periods.

Katie and Jane at Not Dogs said: It was a pleasure to work with James and his team. They understood our complex needs perfectly and were able to fit everything we needed into a small, strangely-shaped space. We look forward to working with Kitchen Solutions again in the future!

Michelin-starred chef chooses Kitchen Solutions

July 14, 2017 No comments

Brad Carter of Carters of Moseley (Michelin-starred chef and Waitrose Restaurant of the Year 2015) has recently upgraded his HOUNÖ combination ovens from the original specification Kitchen Solutions supplied when we designed and installed his kitchens 8 years ago. He now has the latest Android touch-screen technology ovens with a host of unique features and functions. These ovens are the leading brand for professional chefs across Scandinavia and their ovens are used in both Noma restaurants (2 Michelin-star) in Denmark, winner of World's 50 Best Restaurant for four out of the last six years.

The HOUNÖ combi ovens which we specified for the Carters kitchen are available to everyone of course - but we can't guarantee that they'll lead to a Michelin star!

HOUNÖ C1.10 / CPE 1.10 Electric/Gas Combi Oven

HOUNÖ C1.06 / CPE 1.06 Electric/Gas Combi Oven

Brad says the ovens are the “star of his kitchen” and with a host of unique features it is easy to see why:

  • 4 year full warranty with a yearly service included as standard
  • Excellent cooking results every time with fully adjustable humidity control and fan speeds
  • Up to 200 programmes with 10 process steps
  • Self-cleaning from a mini clean to a detail clean
  • Allows the chef ultimate control with a choice of operation methods
  • Combi Net for monitoring and remote access to manage recipes, HACCP, service diagnosis and software updating (all available as options)

Carters of Moseley

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